Double Gold Winner in 2022

Black Sheep Tequila is proud to have been recognized as both the Best in Class and Best in World at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, July 2022. The Competition is known internationally as the largest blind tasting event and has been judging the best spirits for over 20 years. 

This year there were over 5,000 brands represented, and 800 tequilas vying for top placement, so winning double gold is a true achievement! 

Winning Overall Best Tequila in the World and Best of Class for Best Anejo is a great honor for the farm to bottle company. They were also pleased to receive silver medals for three of their other tequilas: Blanco, Reposado, and Extra Anejo.

“My priority has always been delivering on our promise to create an exceptional-tasting product, and receiving this award proves that we have done just that,” shared founder and COO Jason Charles. “The response we've received from consumers of our tequila has been incredible and humbling.”

Black Sheep Tequila was started by a group of friends who gathered in the year 2000 to celebrate their accomplishments and dream up some new adventures. Their goal was to create the most authentic and enjoyable drink from the Blue Weber Highland Agave. They have never wavered from their commitment to quality, excellence, innovation, or tradition.

The founding friends valued the quality that can only come through a personal touch. They saw the wisdom in being patient enough to wait up to 10 years for the heart of each agave tequilana to develop completely so it could be transformed into the perfect tequila, using centuries-old craftsmanship.

All Black Sheep Tequila is handcrafted in Mexico using a time-honored method, starting with proper selection of the aged Blue Weber Highland Agave heart. Each core, or bulb, is slow-baked before the juice is carefully extracted and slowly fermented. A trained team meticulously distills the specially-filtered liquid before it is barrel-aged to perfection. 

The 100% Blue Weber Highland Agave tequila is available in six different styles, each with its own unique flavor. The founding partners explain that the uniquely pleasant taste and fragrance of each style of Black Sheep Tequila are naturally created, starting with the soil in the Highlands and continuing through their time-honored process.

The brilliant combination of a sustainable ingredient with a timeless tradition and a commitment to excellence make Black Sheep Tequila’s products worthy of the double gold. Black Sheep Tequila has made a commitment to honor the land and all who are a part of making the world-class tequila. They honor the dreams of the Black Sheep Tequila founders and creators, the crew who tend the Blue Weber Highland Agave, the team who create each handcrafted batch in Mexico, and everyone around the world who enjoy their carefully crafted drink.

CEO and partner Mark Bailey explained, "The product speaks for itself. Rather than having a single person or celebrity endorse our product, we have hundreds of ambassadors with tens of millions of followers across all walks of life. Many of our followers are now our friends, and ALL love our tequila."

The founding partners shared that they live to introduce what others haven’t been able to taste before, and produce what has not yet been distilled. The double gold is proof that they have, indeed, succeeded.
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