We live to introduce what others haven’t been able to taste
before and produce what has not yet been distilled.


SINCE 2000

Our Story

Black Sheep shares six styles of tequila, (the famous Aged 15 Year Antano, Extra Añejo, Añejo, Reposado, and Blanco) with ownership of over a million plants of agave produced a year, and a distillery primed for expansion. We call it the farm to bottle model, enabling us to maintain superior quality and consistency.

Black Sheep Tequila provides a trusted and memorable luxury brand, for new and unsuspecting “Tequila” drinkers. At the same time, the connoisseur will appreciate the stand-alone style that is re-shaping the category.

Black Sheep premium tequila has a unique old-world approach to its preparation; slow fermentation, special filtration of the juice of the properly selected, slow baked, and 100% aged Blue Weber highland agave.

Black Sheep’s distinctive taste and aromatic profile are due to the handcrafted and organic process, which provides a new meaning to the premium category. Reshaping the pallet and perspective from party shots to an enjoyable affluent beverage of choice. This black sheep goes against the grain, providing education, better ingredients, and a superior product.


SINCE 2000

The Origin

In 2000, a group of old friends decided to have a reunion in Arandas Mexico.  After sharing stories of family, work and laughter.  We made a discovery, a shared passion about tequila, the group decided to start a company inspired by this love of the land, and a goal to create the purest agave tequila.

The Vision

Grow a single estate of the best quality Weber highland blue agave and create a handcrafted old world style ultra-smooth pure tequila.

The Handcrafted Small Batch

Black Sheep Tequila cultivates highland blue weber agave that requires 8 to 10 years to reach full maturity under the brilliant sunshine of Los Altos de Jalisco. As done in the old-world approach, Black Sheep Tequila continues the handcrafted heritage. 

For spirits connoisseurs that crave a taste for something new yet extraordinarily steeped in tradition, Black Sheep Tequila is honored to introduce the company’s first line of tequilas produced entirely from the labor-intensive, centuries-old hands-on process. Sourced from only the highest-quality 100 percent Weber Blue Agave, each tequila, The Blanco, The Resposado, The Anejo, The Extra Anejo, Aged 8 Years Extra Anejo, and the oldest handcrafted released tequila -Aged 15 Years Extra Anejo, are all traditionally crafted to create the perfect balance of flavors.


The Exclusive Quality & Excellence

Black Sheep’s Exclusive Tequila’s handcrafted process is painstakingly meticulous, rarely practiced, and is a process that starts by slowly crushing the cooked agave to break the bonds of fiber and release the rich agave juice. From here, both the juice and the agave fiber are placed together into wooden fermentation vats and heated and cooled for just over three days, and then distilled in small-capacity, handmade copper pot stills. 

Black Sheep tequila controls the process from the farm to bottle, enabling superior quality and consistency -providing a trusted and memorable luxury brand, for new and unsuspecting “Tequila” drinkers. The Tequila connoisseur will appreciate the stand-alone style that is re-shaping the category. This black sheep goes against the grain, providing better ingredients, and a superior product. No Salt, No Lime Required, a True Flyte.

The Unique Luxury

The Black Sheep bottle is designed to honor the past while embracing the future.

– Pleasure is the ultimate goal –


At its heart, Black Sheep is seduction.
It’s a promise.
A decadent reward that carries you away.
It appeals to those who relish exploring the world through their senses.


Handcrafting unparalleled tequila is what we do. Our commitments – to the land, to the farmers, and people who make Black Sheep exceptional, are deep-rooted and engrained in our mission as a company. We craft the future.
We encourage you to go against the grain and enjoy tequila.

Be you, Be real – Be a Black Sheep.