Tequila Cocktails - The Bloody Maria - So Much More Than a Brunch Cocktail

The Bloody Maria: “Is Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!”

By Black Sheep Tequila - October 1, 2023

Everyone has their favorite twist on this classic Bloody Mary.  Featurbg horseradish, worcestershire sauce, celery, and yes, a bit of spice. Sounds like an ideal breakfast fare, right? Wrong.
Like cold, leftover pizza, the Bloody Maria as part of any breakfast or brunch meal is a tomato-flavored mistake.  
Who wants to pair waffles, pancakes with an olive garnish? When it comes to brunch, give me a sweet, bubbly Black Sheep Tequila Mimosa. (1oz Black Sheep Blanco, 4oz, Sparkling Wine, 2oz grapefruit juice, 1/2 oz of agave syrup, garnish grapefruit peel)  

Consider the Bloody Maria’s most popular use, as a late morning or afternoon hangover cure. It’s as if Bloody Maria, herself, has been telling us that she’s more of a lunch & dinner gal than a morning person. Want a bit more proof? While the cocktail’s traditional garnishes of celery, olives, and pickles already scream “lunch,” the more recent trend of outrageous garnishes — such as lobster claws, steak, fried chicken, and sandwiches — proves that the cocktail should never be drunk before 11:30, at the earliest.  Jason Charles the founder of Black Sheep Tequila, drinks his Bloodies at night, and thinks you should, too.  “I do love a Bloody Maria for lunch, but we see the world looking at it as a high-end cocktail that pairs with a variety of foods.”  Craft cocktail enthusiasts are often more experimental.  “We see luxury-based cocktails at a variety of evening events — dressing the old school Bloody Mary, by substituting Reposado Black Sheep Tequila and adding pure lime juice and chocolate chili bitters to the drink. The result was no bottomless brunch cocktail, but its sophisticated explosion of flavors had guests coming back for more!” Charles said it comes together quickly and can easily be batched.

In Boston, where Bloody Maria’s are topped with everything from oysters to shrimp to mini lobster rolls and cheeseburgers. Should try drinking their next Bloody Maria at taco night. Spicy Asian dishes, such as Thai drunken noodles, can also stand up to the heat of a Bloody Mary.  Charles also suggest Blood Maria pairing with “with Italian food; as they are tomato-forward; with a lot of acidity, which helps cut the fat in whatever you’re eating.” In the North, we are seeing the Canadians take their classic Bloody Ceasar (Clamato juice-a mixture of tomato juice and clam broth utilized instead of regular tomato juice, which adds an extra layer of umami flavor to the savory concoction.  And switching out to tequila that provides a delicious pairings with rich steak dinners.”

The Bloody Maria: “Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!”
The Bloody Maria is an aperitif-appetizer hybrid: A pre-dinner drink, its flavors are ideal for stimulating the appetite before a meal. And its toppling garnishes serve as convenient pre-meal snacks.
Looking for a cocktail to end the night? Enter, once again, the Bloody Maria. The result is a Bloody full of complex flavors, thus making for an ideal nightcap.

Not ready for a nighttime Bloody Maria ? Then try a Black Sheep con Michelada.  It’s a little more popular for lunch and dinner than for brunch — Our Michelada with Tequila recipe is tequila, lime juice, a dash of hot sauce, Clamato, and a Mexican lager over ice. It’s cool and refreshing.  Served in a chilled glass over ice with a salted rim, the Michelada with Tequila is perfect after a long day.  
Charles reminds everyone, “Liven it up,” remind customers that the Bloody Maria is “the perfect all day, every day, craft cocktail!”

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