2023 Singapore World Spirits Competition Results Black Sheep Earns Double Gold Again

Black Sheep Tequila Winner of Double Gold

By Jason Charles - June 18, 2023

The Winner of the Best Tequila in the World, Black Sheep Tequila places four additional medals again at the Singapore World Spirit Competition.  The competition is part of the Tasting Alliance.  A competition that awards medals to spirits producers. The Tasting Alliance uses a rigorous judging process that they originally developed in San Francisco and New York. The Tasting Alliance medal is a recognition of quality and craftsmanship, and new regional competitions are spreading throughout the world.     

The Tasting Alliance created the Singapore World Spirits Competition (SWSC) in 2019. The SWSC focuses on spirits produced in Asia. The Tasting Alliance encourages all spirits marketers in Asia to enter the competition. 

Black Sheep Tequila as of early 2023 selling in three countires and looking to expand into the Asian market place.  
For more information: Email  info@blacksheeptequila.com  subject "Asia".
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